How Much Would You Pay to Skip 2-3 Years of Struggle, Trial & Error?

This question is one Raymond and I were faced with 5 years ago, when we we’re given an opportunity to be personally mentored and taken under the wing of our mentors – Mike Dillard, Tim Erway & Jon Keel (original SEO Mentor). I’ll tell ya, the price we had to pay was hefty and we […]

Ray Higdon is OLD!

This weekend, we and our students are hard at work during the 1st of 3 No Excuses 6-Figure Workshops. We are building funnels and driving traffic for 25 new businesses in a single weekend for new upcoming entrepreneurs. However, we did take a short break to wish one of our dear friends and 3 time […]

Beyond Just CrossFit…

Here’s the original post by Raymond Fong… So I see a lot of my colleagues and friends looking at starting CrossFit and some have asked me for my amateur insights into what CrossFit is and how they should go about getting started. So I thought I’d post some of my thoughts… Let me start by […]

GoRuck Heavy 24 Hour HELL – Mind Over Matter

Being a leader is not just about making money… in fact, it’s never about making money. It’s about you’re ability to help others achieve the results they are looking for in their lives. When you have the ability to help others accomplish their goals, then that’s a good start. However, let’s take it a step […]

“Will Online Marketing Work for My Type of Business?”

While most of the talk in our space has been about network marketing and direct sales, you’d actually be surprised by how many different types of businesses actually have taken advantage of our courses and training. So today I’d like to talk about the different types of businesses (small biz, brick n’ mortar, info businesses, […]