MyLeadSystemPRO (MLMLeadSystemPRO)

Providing Solutions to Every Problem Faced by Network Marketers Since 2008

MyLeadSystemPROMyLeadSystemPRO exploded into the marketplace in September 2008, and it immediately took the industry by storm attracting some of the world’s greatest internet marketing minds and network marketers alike.

MLSP was cultivated by Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer, all of whom have had phenomenal success in the internet marketing and network marketing world. While at the top of their games and achieving results most entrepreneurs could only dream of, these 3 put their personal agendas aside and realized that their dream was much bigger than realizing personal success. Collectively they came together as one to form MLSP, and to take a stand for every entrepreneur who is tired of losing money and not getting results.

The goal was to build a gateway so that any serious entrepreneur could break through their own barriers and come into the realization of unlimited income potential leveraging their proven attraction marketing principles that have been kept from the masses for years. And it’s working. Over the last 20 months alone MLSP members have generated 850,000 leads and we’ve paid back over $1.8 million dollars in affiliate commissions to our members.

When you enter the world of MLSP, YOU will learn how to grow into the leader you need to become in order to build an empire, you become the hunted instead of the hunter, and you build those ever-critical relationship with your prospects from day one. You will learn and immediately implement the exact same marketing approach as all the 7-figure earners who have come before you. Every single problem faced by entrepreneurs just like you has been solved with MyLeadSystemPRO.

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Benefits of MyLeadSystemPRO include:

  • Websites that brand you.
  • Professionally written autoresponders that make you money.
  • State-of-the-art tracking, split-testing & customization options.
  • Over 100+ hrs of recorded video & audio training by 7-figure earners
  • Step-by-step video tutorials that take you by the hand.
  • Live weekly webinars covering all the skill-sets you must develop.
  • Complete training center.
  • Daily inspirational wake-up calls.
  • Leadership levels & reward programs.
  • MLSP Live Events.
  • 24×7 worldwide live chat room support.
  • 1-on-1 support, email support & phone support.
  • A community of dedicated, ambitious marketers to connect, network & partner with.

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The Founders


CEO & Co-Founder

Norbert OrlewiczAfter 5 years and 6 companies making less than $200 per month in MLM, Norbert made over $250,000 in his first 12 months marketing online, using the strategies that are now available to anyone inside MLSP.

One of the top 5 earners in his company, Norbert personally sponsored 140 people in 18 months with an average of 50-100 leads per day.

“We created this system to address the frustrations we had, which are shared by the majority of network marketers. Lack of leads, lack of cash flow, and lack of any marketing training in the industry combined with the frustration of conventional prospecting techniques that do not work for 95% of network marketers.”


President & Co-Founder

Brian FanaleBrian has 5 years of internet marketing experience under his belt, but the first 3 years of his career were spent in zero profit because he was not branding himself. After learning and implementing the secrets he’s put inside of MyLeadSystemPRO, Brian’s achieved a top earner position in 2 different companies, one of which he held the #2 position in a top tier-direct sales company, personally sponsored over 160 reps, has generated 150+ leads per day consistently, and his best month in the industry has been just under $100,000.

“When I found the secrets we made available inside of MLSP, the lightbulb went on, the flood gates opened, and the money started rolling in. Immediately my mission became much less about personal financial gain and it switched entirely to how quickly can I teach others these secrets so that they can achieve my results. Over the last 2 years I couldn’t be happier in watching the MLSP community take over the world and attract some of the most powerful marketers on the planet. Collectively this community is unstoppable, and we’re just getting started.”


Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Todd SchlomerTodd has been an Entrepreneur and involved with Internet Marketing since 2000. He has done everything from marketing his own products and services, publishing eBooks and digital software, marketing affiliate programs, drop-shipping products through online stores and eBay, to marketing multiple companies in the network marketing and direct sales industry.

Todd has extensive knowledge and experience in paid advertising, content syndication, and search engine optimization that he has learned from a countless number of training courses and mentorships over the years that has enabled him to easily generate 100+ leads per day.

Todd’s strength is in his technical knowledge and abilities. He started programming in 1993 and started developing website applications in 1997. In 2001, he started working at IBM® where he spent seven years developing disaster recovery software designed to protect massive amounts of data for banks and other large corporations. All throughout that time, he continued running businesses and developing his skills marketing other products and services online.

“The best thing about MLSP is that we get to help tens of thousands of network marketers across the globe improve the quality of their lives. The stories our members have about how MLSP has helped them are truly amazing. That’s exactly why we created MLSP in the first place; and is why we continue to build and add new features that will help even more people in the future.”