With 1 Day Left, New Poll Numbers Show Tight Race with Last Minute Surges!

With one day remaining in the No Excuses Summit Speaker Vote 2012, the most recent “poll” numbers are showing a tight race.

At the top is a 3 man race between Dean Kosage, Geoff Stephen and Ray Higdon, who’s catching up to overtake 2nd place. Those 3 are pretty much all on their own, unless someone from below pulls out a small miracle.

Which is not impossible given the recent surge by closer, Cesar Rodriguez, who has gone from 0 votes to over 281 total votes over the weekend and is sitting currently in 4th place, having blow past other top 10 leaders in Diane Hochman, Tracey Walker, Pamela Herrmann, Mark Hoverson, Mike Dillard and Greg Gomez!

Check this out:

  1. Dean Kosage
  2. Geoff Stephen
  3. Ray Higdon
  4. Cesar Rodriguez
  5. Diane Hochman
  6. Tracey Walker
  7. Pamela Herrmann
  8. Mark Hoverson
  9. Mike Dillard
  10. Greg Gomez III

From what we hear, he is literally pulling out all the stops including spending hours emailing his list, his friends, sending private messages on FB, instant messaging, phone calls and bribing his followers to email their lists in exchange for training and just about anything you can think of to get people to support his candidacy.

What he lacks in marketing muscle, he’s making up for with good ol’ fashioned campaigning and hustle now edging out Mark Hoverson by 1 vote in the last count.

It may or may not surprise people that Mike Dillard, who even without any email blasts or campaigning, is still in-demand by the public despite having left the industry to save the world from the evils of the deficit spending, Federal Reserve and providing families with much needed financial education.

Rounding off the top 10 is Greg Gomez III, who like Cesar, has been hustling to raise his numbers!

But even those in the top 10 should not get comfortable, as there is only a difference of less than 20 votes between #10 and the 7 candidates thereafter.

It’s gonna be an exciting finish and it looks like those who are using some “creative campaigning” are gaining the edge during these final days.

With that said, there will be many factors considered by our panel of experts in the choosing of NES3 speakers including:

  • Marketing Strength (Voting is indicator.)
  • Unique Skill Sets
  • Past JV Support
  • Past NES Attendance
  • Annual Income (Min. $200k/year)
  • Reputation
  • X-Factor – Heart & Determination

So while voting is not the only thing, it has revealed a lot about the loyalty of the lists and organizations these leaders have built over their careers, which is a testament to the lives they’ve impacted.

We’ve had a lot of fun, especially with our satirical blog posts.  However, all joking aside, we are truly humbled by how much leaders we look up to and respect, want to speak at our event.

We are honored. If we could have all 90 nominees speak at NES3 we would, but unfortunately, only 16 will remain.

Good luck to everyone on this final day of voting.


Ferny and Raymond.

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