Ray Higdon Surging with Newcomer on His Tail…

As of this Saturday, it has been Ray Higdon is surging ahead with 240+ total Votes, followed by a female rising star & fresh batch of new nominees just posted…

Can you believe, we’ve received over 350+ nominations, broke over 1000 Facebook “Likes” on the voting page (all viral), tens of thousands of hits to our website and literally thousands of votes have been casts for industry top earners.

With no signs of things slowing down, it has been “slow and steady” Ray Higdon continuing to mount up the votes day in and day out, with a female rising star, Pamela Herrmann and veteran, Diane Hochman, hot on his tail. There’s also been an influx of a fresh batch of nominees just posted, including Geoff Stephen, Brian Swan, Jerry Chen, Greg Gomez III and Dustin Buysse.

In addition to that, Dean Kosage has awakened from his slumber and mounted up over 160+ votes in a single day!

No one’s speaking spot is safe. And while other factors will be taken into consideration when speakers are chosen, the most important factor will be how big of an audience will a speaker be able to draw to Vegas this April? So far the voting is telling this story, but there is still a lot of time.

Nomination cutoff will be this Tuesday, Jan. 24th at Noon PST.

Voting will END the following Tuesday, Jan. 31st at Midnight PST.

If your favorite industry leader is not on top, then it’s time for you to start “campaigning” on their behalf.

If you’ve have not yet voted, here’s what you should do:

1) Click Here to Vote for Your Favorite Speaker Candidates

2) At the bottom of the voting page, submit your nominations

3) Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page as well, telling us who you voted for!

BTW, any ties will be broken with a friendly game of beer pong.

Have a great weekend!

Ferny & Ray

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