What I Did NOT Like About Last Year’s No Excuses…

Uh oh! Looks like things are about to get REAL on this blog!

It’s true though. There were things that happened last year at No Excuses Summit 5, which I was not happy with.

However, I do want to say first that there was A LOT to love about last year’s workshop format…

What I Loved About Last Year’s No Excuses

#1 of all being that over half of those in attendance produced traffic, leads and even sales out of the gate within days, hours or even minutes of launching their new sales funnels and ad campaigns!

Some of the results even surprised me, like what John Lemont produced…


You can click here to see the long scroll of unsolicited case studies from that weekend.

Truthfully, had our doubts going in and even one of our speakers told us before the event “I love what you guys are doing, but I don’t want to do that for people.”

Essentially what he was saying is that it was too risky to be guaranteeing results, but we proved that those who came prepared and stuck with us got results!

No Excuses Last Year: Business in the Front…  Party  Business in the Back!?

And as awesome as instant results were, I kinda felt that it was at the expense of other things No Excuses had come to be known for, so here’s my BIG confession…

First you have to understand that the reason we changed the format last year, was because we were tired of people coming to No Excuses year-after-year and not taking action with the wealth of information and cutting edge training they received!

You could say we “grew up” a little bit and decided that while No Excuses Vegas events of the past were super fun, with a wide range of speakers, massive networking and tons of fun hanging out at the bars…

We had to make people’s results a priority and last year, results they got!

Now here’s where I become a little bit of a Debbie Downer…

First on a selfish level, I gotta tell you that putting on a step-by-step workshop for hundreds of people was a HUGE undertaking and our workload and stress what off the charts!

I mean for the first 1 1/2 days of the event, we were all business, walking attendees step-by-step through the creation of their first sales funnel and traffic campaigns.

It was a TON of work!

And then in the evenings, after a long day, we had breakout sessions where we had ourselves and facilitators helping people 1-on-1 complete their sales funnels & ad campaigns late into the night.

While it was awesome that people got this type of 1-on-1 help, it also meant that a) myself and other instructors weren’t hanging out at night at the bars and lounges socializing with people and b) our attendees weren’t networking either.

Some were even too tired to attend the breakouts in the evenings and decided to rest up… and I can’t say I blame them.

Second, because the “workshop” part of the event took up half of the event, we had very limited speaking spots for Advanced training for the remaining 1 1/2 days.

Honestly, when my former partner and I created No Excuses five years ago, we were designing our dream event, inviting trainers who we personally wanted to learn from. There wasn’t a No Excuses event of the past where I wasn’t in the back with my notebook or laptop taking ferocious notes!

It was an opportunity for myself as well as our attendees to learn and be exposed to a wide range of marketing strategies, so I could pick something which would work for my business.

But don’t get me wrong, our trainers last year made the most of it and over-delivered like at no previous event, but it would have been so awesome to have given them more time and to have invited twice as many trainers to teach some 7-figure and 8-figure strategies.

It also was kind of a drag that some of our attendees were still finishing up their sales funnels and starting their traffic campaigns while our trainers were on stage or even working while our networking events were going on.

It almost seemed like by wanting to “be all business” and help our students produce results, some of the fun, spirit and excitement of NES was lost.

Now I have no regrets about last year’s format.

In fact, my goal this year is to continue to give every new entrepreneur in this industry the opportunity for hands-on 1-on-1 help in launching their first ad campaign, but do it in a way which will re-ignite the spirit, energy and excitement of years past and try something even more bold and daring than ever!

No Excuses 6: Business in the Front… Party in the Back… Results in the Bank!

That’s why this year, the workshop portion of the event will actually be taking a day and a half, before the start of the main No Excuses Event.

Now unlike last year, where we were trying to help hundreds of people at the same time, this year, the pre-event workshops will actually be broken up into small groups of 40 where you are guaranteed to get 1-on-1 hands on help DURING the workshop, so you don’t have to spend the evenings finishing your work!

We’ll get stuff done, together, during the day!

And then, once all the sales funnels and traffic campaigns are launched on Friday morning… it’s gonna be time for the MAIN EVENT!

This year at No Excuses 6, starting on Friday afternoon, we will have 2 1/2 days of intermediate to advanced training on the most cutting edge marketing strategies for 2015 delivered by the MOST successful marketers of our time, whom are currently earning 6-figures, 7-figures and even 8-figures online!

Since during the workshops, we’ll get the basics out of the way, each of our speakers will be jumping right to the meaty stuff!

If you are an Advanced or Experienced marketer and don’t care for the workshops, no worries! Just skip the workshops and show up on Friday afternoon and get ready for some fresh ideas!

I guarantee you that I, along with all attendees will be glued to our seats to learn the best marketing content available without worrying about anything else.

If you are a product shiny object addict, then the NES Main Event will be heaven on earth, without having to spend thousands on marketing courses.

But here’s the best part, since all funnels & traffic campaigns will have been launched before the event and while the leads are flowing in… after the Main Event session of NES, the evening will be 100% dedicated to networking and rubbing elbows with our speakers and industry top producers!

Traffic, leads and even sales will be flowing… so we’re gonna want you to put the homework away and enjoy our time together, getting to know each other!

So that’s my vision for No Excuses Summit 6 this year… let’s take care of business early and enjoy a MEGA-MARKETING EVENT Vegas Style with the movers and shakers of the industry!


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If all goes well, you’ll be earning some money while still in Vegas from your new sales funnel, then blowing it all on the craps tables. Ha ha ha…

To Good times!
Ferny Ceballos

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