The Grandmaster of No Excuses

Hey, Ferny Ceballos here! Most people won’t know it by looking at me, but I’m a Black Belt martial artist, currently studying in the martial art of Hwa Rang Do – the world’s most comprehensive martial art system.

But I’m also the least likely guy to be a black belt…

As you can probably tell from this picture, I’m a big guy. 300lbs BIG!


I’ve been a big boy my whole life, but despite my formidable size, I was bullied as a kid, I generally shied from conflict or fighting and was really really shy in general.

I was also an underachieving Offensive Lineman on my High School Football team, because when I played, I made it a point to not piss off the guy in front of me, so we wouldn’t be motivated to play harder. LOL

Not really, the best football strategy, but like I said, I tended to avoid conflict and really was kind of a wimp.

My football coaches always told me I had enormous potential, but I guess I never fully realized it while playing in High School.

smash-208x300I was however, an overachieving scholar and as a result, went to MIT, the world’s most prestigious university, to study engineering. Ironically, I also played football at MIT! (Yes they DO have a football team and they recently went undefeated during the regular season in 2014! Go Beavers!).

Anyway, while my performance improved as a football player, again my coaches continued to tell me that I had enormous potential yet I quite frankly, failed to achieve it.

You can say my MO was pretty much to do the things that pleased others and avoid upsetting anyone and avoid taking risks. Academics obviously pleased certain people (parents, teachers, etc.), but I wasn’t really the GO GETTER type and otherwise, let my circumstances dictate my life.

After graduating from MIT, I got a job in the aerospace industry working as an engineer and while I got to work on ultra top secret space programs, I knew within days of working there that I did NOT want to do that for the rest of my life.

It was a complete and total ‘Dilbert’ experience. I hated being an employee and I eventually got fed up with just going through the motions and decided to do something about it.

For the first time in my life, I decided to do something people around me DID NOT approve of and got involved in network marketing. Yet I struggled for almost a year in an industry I did not understand, with people I didn’t relate to and with self-limiting beliefs which kept me from success.

It was no fun and thought seriously about quitting, because obviously, moving outside my comfort zone wasn’t working and because I quite frankly, stopped believing in myself.

In 2006, my former business partner, Raymond, invited me to take a martial arts class at a school in West LA. Little did I know that the school was owned by and the class would also be led by someone whom is considered by industry press, to be one of the top 5 living martial artists in the world.

Later in 2012, the Martial Arts History Museum would induct him and his father into the Martial Arts History Museum Hall of Fame.

His father, Dr. Joo Bang Lee was a undoubtedly a living legend, having influenced the likes of Chuck Norris, Tom Callos, Bruce Lee and Special Forces Legend, Michael Echanis. Dr. Lee founded the Korean martial art, Hwa Rang Do.


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, his son, 8th degree Black Belt in Hwa Rang Do, was the person whom I had the pleasure of meeting and taking my first martial arts class with.

It completely and totally kicked my ass. Half way through the class, the room was spinning and I was on the verge of passing out. GM Lee gave me time to compose myself and I crawled to the finish line to finish the 1-hour class.

Every fiber in my body said, “DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!”

But something inside told me, “This is what you need”. So I signed up as a student, without hesitation and I’ve been there for the past 8 years. Little did I know that the greatest gift I would receive from Grandmaster Lee, had nothing to do with the self-defense techniques he would be teaching me.

Now the thing you should note is that, my journey as an entrepreneur and as a martial artist have paralleled each other year for year.

Over 8 years, the shy and conflict adverse football player, became a world champion martial artist and black belt in one of the most difficult martial arts in the world.


Over 8 years, my floundering home business, turned into a 7-figure annual internet business where I today have the opportunity to influence thousands in the home business industry.


I’ve had many teachers and mentors in my business along the way, but I can say that the 1 consistent voice over ALL 8 years, who’s provided me with life altering mentorship and advice, has been my Hwa Rang Do teacher, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee.

The martial arts techniques I once considered physically impossible for me to perform, became possible because I had a mentor who believed I could do “the impossible” and had the methods to help me achieve my goals.

Clips of me in competition a few years ago

As a result, my beliefs about what was possible and impossible in all aspects of my life changed.

Naturally, what I once doubted I could do in the world of business, soon became a certainty. Literally with 2 years of beginning my training, I quit my job and went full-time in my business. Within 4 years, hit 7-figures in my business.

And I’m not the only one. He’s literally done the same for tens of thousands of students over the 30+ years he’s been teaching, having mentored company CEO’s, business owners, Ivy League grads, University Professors, famous actors, personal development gurus, members of the Special Forces and even high ranking US military officers & commanders, to name a few.

I know, because I’ve personally met and know all these individuals, very well.

I’ll tell you, you haven’t seen anything until you see a high ranking US military commander greet and address your martial arts teacher as “sir”!

Grandmaster Lee’s prowess as a martial artist is well documented through multiple covers and published articles on Black Belt Magazine and other syndications, but what is NOT well known is what I just shared with you about the types of people he’s mentored and influenced.

This past Christmas, I asked Grandmaster Lee if he’d be willing to do something he’s never done for non-students. I asked, if he’d be willing to share the true secret to my transformation & success and the successes of all the ultra successful people he’s mentored over the past 30+ years.

To my surprise, he accepted and is excited to meet YOU!

Therefore, I am here to announce that No Excuses Summit 6 is happening and the first confirmed keynote speaker for this year’s No Excuses Summit 6 will be my master and my mentor – Grandmaster Taejoon Lee!

No Excuses Summit 6 will be taking place at the JW Marriott in Las Vegas on June 18th – 21st and I’m overjoyed at the opportunity YOU will all have to meet and learn from my #1 mentor! So mark your calendars!


No Excuses 6, will be experienced in a special format which will GUARANTEE 1-on-1 help in your business and MAXIMUM exposure to the absolute best marketing & business minds in the world!

Stay tuned, more news on the NEW format, pre-sale tickets, more speakers and special events around NES will be announced shortly.

More to come!

Ferny Ceballos
Co-Founder of the No Excuses Summit

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