A $35k/Month ‘Snow Cone Vendor’ to Speak at NES6!

That is not a typo or even a joke!

A REAL snow cone vendor will be a speaker at the next No Excuses Summit!

Actually, he’s from Missouri so they call it “shaved ice” there. Here’s his shack…


The shack in the header is the same one, but the shopping center it’s on, got flooded. (i.e. the need to find a new business)

But seriously, the Ice Cream man is above this guy’s pay grade, so how did this guy find his way to be on one of the most coveted stages in the industry?

Well, Tyson ( the snow cone vendor) 1 year ago, was struggling in his MLM business and had been struggling for over 10 years in the industry, having failed in 5 different businesses.

Dealing with rejection, driving long hours and being ostracized by friends and family… the story is all too familiar!

Nine months ago, Tyson made a choice which turned his entire life around and ever since then, has been making up to $20,000 per month from home!

In fact, this past December, when it’s suppose to be the slowest sales time of the year for internet marketing, Tyson earned a total of $35,452.00 in commissions and has recruited over 500 people into his primary opportunity – 100% online!

So I guess now you can understand why we would want this Snow Cone Vendor to be at No Excuses… cause if a ‘poor man’s ice cream man’ can earn up to $35k in a single month in his business, then so can you!

Pre-sale tickets to No Excuses 6 will be going on sale this week, but I just heard that Tyson will actually be doing a webinar this Wednesday at 6pm PST (9pm EST) going over his entire business model and the system he used to grow his income with!

Click Here to Register for the ‘From Snow Cone Man to $35k/month’ Webinar

So there you have it, 2 speakers have been confirmed for No Excuses 6 and more announcements to come!

To Frosty Snacks,

Ferny Ceballos
Co-Founder of No Excuses Summit
Chief Marketing Officer, Elite Marketing Pro

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