Tracey Walker

Tracey Walker

Social Media & Free Leads Expert

tracey walkerIn her own words:

My name is Tracey Walker and I am a Network Marketing Professional who specializes in internet marketing and promotions.

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago but I currently reside right outside Atlanta, Ga along with my side-kick, Monte Cristo (my cat)!!

I have a business background with an MBA in Marketing from Florida A&M University and first started down the road of entrepreneurship in 2002 when I was laid-off. Arrfhh! It was then that I began my successful real estate career specializing in Short Sales which was going strong up until 2006 when the mortgage laws and housing market overall began to change.

When I started in Network Marketing in Jan of 2007, I thought I was going to hit the ball right out of the park…in no time flat! I listened to my “thriving” upline and decided to follow their lead.

I did cold calls, 100′s of presentations, passed out flyers and business cards at every networking event. I bought booths at huge expos and I even took a few hours of my time everyday to prospect in the shopping malls.

I bugged the crap out of my friends and family and was a chronic “phone booker”!

My final straw was when I bought a substantial amount of Leads and spent countless hours on the phone, not getting anywhere and basically wasting my time. I decided at that point…


I had no choice but to learn the skills REQUIRED TO BE SUCCESSFUL in this industry!

That was when I turned to the internet, learned a few techniques and made a few bucks here and there.


I found me a millionaire mentor on the net who helped me see why my business was failing. He gave me a different perspective on how I should be marketing. His name was Daegan Smith!

It was from that day forward that I began to see changes in me, my strategy, my lead count and my bank account.

Within 3 months of meeting Daegan and working with him, I was offered a book deal where I was a featured co-author in “The Power of Leadership” Series. This opportunity gave me the ability to appear in writing amongst the ranks a many New York Times best selling authors such as Ivan Misner and Ben Gay III.

As I became more skillful, I utilized my internet marketing knowledge to personally enroll over 70 distributors in my second company. I was subsequently introduced to My Lead System Pro, became a top 10 producer of all-time in the system and now hold the #1 Female Recruiter Of All-Time for the system. In fact, this team of marketers has become part of my family. We travel, have fun, learn, earn and help others!

I am currently a GOLD Distributor with my opportunity and plan to build this company to at least 100K distributors/customers by 2013.

My expertise online is Social Media, Social Marketing, Article Marketing and Blogging. I enjoy showing other network marketers how to use these FREE internet strategies to generate FREE leads and traffic for their businesses via this blog.

To sum it all up, I love my life and my business because I have found what REALLY works!