Tim Erway

Tim Erway

CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring, LLC.

Tim ErwayTim Erway is regarded by many network marketing leaders as a black belt copywriter and website conversion expert. In fact, his number is said to be on the speed dial of many of the top internet marketing experts in the world.

Not to mention, he is pretty approachable and friendly to newbie marketers as well, considering his “guru status” and all. In fact, his business card simply reads: Tim Erway, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer, Magnetic Sponsoring, LLC.

Actually, Tim is the CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring, an online information publishing and education company founded by one of his most successful students, Mike Dillard. He is also co-author of the original Traffic Formula, a marketing course which revolutionized the MLM industry and introduced Internet Marketing to network marketers for the first time in history.

This serial entrepreneur has been a successful affiliate marketer since 2002, and later went on to create companies that have generated millions of dollars, primarily using the internet. In 2004, he launched his first internet company offering financial educational products and consulting services.

Then in 2005, Tim started his second educational and training company teaching online direct response marketing to small business owners. As a result of his teaching, many of his top students have gone on to create multi-million dollar internet companies in several different industries.

Today, aside from being CEO and co-owner of Magnetic Sponsoring, Tim publishes a successful marketing newsletter with over 200,000 subscribers, and has authored or co-authored nearly a dozen courses on the subjects of Internet Marketing, Copywriting, Website Monetization, and Information Publishing.

Lastly, Tim would like to add that he is also a martial artist, an adventure seeker, professional speaker and dedicated father.