Stormy Wellington

Stormy Wellington

$2 Million in 24 Months

Stormy WellingtonStormy Wellington is definitely a rising star in the multi-level marketing industry, generating an income of over $2 million dollars in 24-months… Wellington is a woman who is driven and lives by her abiding faith in God and conducts herself with style and grace. She has trained a worldwide organization with a success team of over 100, 000 people, while breaking every organizational record. She recently made a multi-million dollar decision to partner with Organo Gold in the healthier coffee industry.

Wellington is known as a strategist and strategic thinker. She is a millionaire coach that takes professionals and non- professionals from a five-figure income to a six-figure income in 6 to 12 months! She lives by the creed that “Faith is Power.” With Organo Gold she mentors and coach independent distributors and provides them with the necessary skills to move through different levels of success.

Wellington is accustomed to always rising above the tide. She is known by her peers to be a “quiet storm”. But to her team, she is an awesome force in the multi-level marketing industry that has changed the lives and zip codes of women and men across the country. A single mother raised this Jamaican-born powerhouse in New York. Soon after the family moved to Miami where Wellington became a mother herself. Motherhood changed her life and also gave her a new zest for life.

Being a young mother taught Wellington that failure was not an option. She moved her family to Atlanta, Georgia and excelled at corporations such as Sprint and Dun and Bradstreet. After which, she realized that corporate America was not for her and quickly went back to being an entrepreneur.

Wellington says, “My goal is to get every person to look at network marketing as a “big business” that allows you to have a quality and quantity of life. This industry has changed lives, zip codes, incomes and health. Look at the affect this industry can have on ordinary people. I am passionate about Organo Gold. I encourage everybody to get up and take a stance. Say yes to changing your life and create generational wealth for you and your family.”

Wellington currently spends her time traveling all around the country as a dynamic motivational speaker, training hundreds of new distributors and impacting the lives of many with her story of hope, motivation, inspiration and determination, to assure them that “you must change before you have to”!