Shawn Dahl

ShawnDahlShawn Dahl is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to achieving greatness. He knows exactly how hard it is for people new in business to find the motivation and skills they need to keep succeed. Shawn started from the bottom and worked his way to the top of several fields. His biggest passion is networking with people and building a team that he can teach and inspire greatness in. Shawn knows intimately the struggles of being an entrepreneur especially when dealing with those long stretches of hard work and frustration before the joy of success comes.

“They say it takes 10,000 hours in any profession to be a professional.” Shawn Dahl shares this knowledge with you in order for you to anticipate the kind of commitment required to build your network and make it stronger. If you are unable to forecast what to expect as you start out on your business, he has the experience and expertise to show you what you can expect and how you can prepare for your road to the top.

Shawn is a family man who cares about spending quality time with his wife and kids and being the devoted husband they deserve. He cares a great deal for adventure and physical activity but also knows that it’s important to take some quiet time in order to reflect on where he is going and how to get there. You’ll find him taking in some kickboxing lessons, exploring new terrain on a motorbike, or spending a meditative afternoon doing some fishing.

His business repertoire includes 8 years in Real Estate Sales, 15 years at Herbalife, eventually achieving the highest level of achievement at the Chairman’s Club and now at Nutrié, LLC., alongside Aaron Parkinson after becoming a Founding Brand Partner in 2013. Through Nutrie, Shaw is helping reshape the lives of people who are fast becoming independent business owners. Shawn is also witnessing unbelievable fitness transformations in those who have begun the Automatic Body program. What he brings to the table is a powerful combination of personal development strategies, business tools, marketing experience, and networking abilities that can teach any new business owner how to build the team he or she needs to grow a successful business.