Shane Hunter

Shane Hunter

From Waiting Tables to Multiple Six Figure Consultant

shane_hunterShane is an ambitious entrepreneur who has spent well over $100K for his ‘traditional’ education in marketing, and even more than that on his ‘non-traditional’ education in internet marketing, and investing. A leader who values the journey over the destination – Shane has done many things from musician and music producer, to an internet marketing consultant to one of the loans’ industries top online lead generators. Shane entered the internet marketing scene back in early 2010 when he won a scholarship with Ray & Ferny’s SEO Networker program. Shane took that knowledge and applied it outside the box – as is his fashion – creating companies like Contractor Leads USA, System Wide Solutions, & NESTco Inc.

Shanes experience is as vast as it is diverse. From ranking provacative videos for the keyword “Obama Campaign” to aid the Ron Paul campaign, or building entire internet marketing divisions for 9 figure corporations, to working with internet marketing legends such as Frank Kern and Amish Shah – Shane sees no obstacle as too large and is on a mission to change the world.

As a highly sought after, and highly paid ($25K minimum monthly retainer) consultant, Shane decided that this life wasn’t his passion and moved towards doing lead generation for some of the biggest, baddest and most competitive SEO keywords online. Now that he’s conquered that world, he’s on a shift to becoming a speaker first, potentially at No Excuses Summit 4 and then on to the next journey.

Shane loves his family, his friends, and the underdog. His true passion is teaching true action-takers who will do more than just listen to the words, skills and methods he has proven QUICKLY transform a business, and generate a six or seven figure income – no matter how many times you reinvent yourself. Labels don’t do Shane Hunter justice, so we don’t try to place any on him – as he is out to prove to the world “You can be anything, or anyone – at any time with just a little persistence, motivation, and massive action taking”.