Ryan Angelo

Ryan Angelo

Creator of Alpha Influence

Ryan Angelo is an author, speaker, consultant and trainer in the areas of psycho-somatic (mind-body) performance and leadership. He uses this holistic appreciation of human dynamics to develop unique mind-body teaching and training programs, and has over a thousand hours of speaking experience.

Perhaps Ryan is best known for his groundbreaking leadership course, Alpha Networker. In both Alpha Networker & Alpha Networker 2.0, we are introduced the principles of those who are Alpha Leaders versus those who are Beta Followers, and the X factors which differentiates these two types of people.
Although Mike Dillard was the first to introduce the concept of Betas, Pre-Alphas and Alphas in “Magnetic Sponsoring”, Alpha Networker was in fact launched as a follow up program, intended to delve more deeply into the transformational process required to help marketers make the transition from Beta, to Pre-Alpha, to Alpha.

Through intuition, Ryan helps leaders and high performers make vast shifts in their consciousness, productivity, and lifestyle. Although de-cluttering the mind can be an overwhelmingly daunting task, Ryan utilizes an eclectic blend of techniques to insure his clients overcome any limitation, and have a greater enjoyment of life.

Highly intuitive, Ryan is able to understand core needs of individuals. His passion is awakening the innate power concealed within people.

The “Awoken,” as he calls them, are those who have come to appreciate the unending power of purpose. The “Awoken” have also come to understand that they can control and master their mind, and have stepped out beyond the confines of comfort zones to add value to the lives of others.

Ryan’s clientele generally consists of leaders, executives, speakers, and other high performance individuals. He values his privacy, which is why he has stayed “off the radar,” but recently, he had decided to link up with Mike Dillard’s core objectives and purpose.

Ryan’s favorite hobbies are traveling and photography. He is a former football player and athletic performance trainer very interested in health, wellness, and performance. Other past times Ryan enjoys are spending time within nature, watching movies, reading, and humor/comedy shows.