Rob Fore

Rob Fore

From Homeless to Six Figure Earner & Master Marketer

Rob ForeLisa and I (Rob Fore) work together from the comfort of our home. We earn a solid six-figure affiliate marketing income as well as another full-time income with in network marketing. We attend church, drive new cars, give to charities, travel when and where we want, and spend lots of time with our two boys.

Life is good.

Married 30 years, not rich but financially free (meaning we earn more in passive/residual income than we spend), and look forward to helping others create the lifestyle of their dreams.

Current Status:

Network Marketing – Top 20 income Earners with a Team of Over 10,000 Active Distributors Worldwide.

Network Marketing Leads and Training – L5 Executive Mastermind Leader and #3 Top All Time Producer for My Lead System Pro (and we pulled this off in less than 12 months!)

Affiliate Marketing – We promote a variety of products and services online and earn significant monthly income from these projects. Most recently we went from ZERO to earning over $10,000 per month in less than 45 days promoting a new viral blogging platform.