Rick & Susann Crawford

Rick & Susann Crawford

Living Life by Design

rick-susann-crawfordUpon entering the network marketing industry five years ago, the Crawfords were on a mission to create freedom in their lives. At that point, they were working five jobs between the two of them, each working 90-100 hours per week. That obviously left no time for family, friends, themselves or each other. That was not the life or the type of parents that they wanted to be. Venturing out with nothing but faith- no experience, they found a network marketing home-based business opportunity on the internet. Within 22 days of starting their business Rick retired full-time from both of his jobs and Susann retired from being a public school teacher and administrator within that first year at the close of her teaching contract.

Rick: Finding this industry has really changed what I really thought my ideas of how family was because I didn’t have the time or the finances to do the things I wanted to do for my family. I was an absentee father because I worked so many hours that I was never home. My children used to say they knew Santa Clause better than me because they saw him more often. Getting into this industry gave me that time freedom and the financial freedom to be the father and husband I had wanted to be for so long.

Finally I have what I’ve always looked for, what I dreamt of being able to have in my life. I am now able to do for my family- being able to leave a financial legacy and knowing the legacy is not just monetary but also of knowledge. We weren’t capable of always giving to my children financially but can now create more of a future for my family and also for my future grandchildren. They will now have things we never would’ve had the opportunity to give them prior to us coming into this industry. I was working like a normal person out there going from job to job but as I got older my pay got less and less and was leaving me less money, more work, less time to spend as I chose. Less money for my children to help them create their dreams. This industry has shown me that if you dream and you believe, you can have anything and everything as long as you are willing to work for it.

Susann: Being a teacher allowed me to inspire, motivate and teach children. To be able to set them on the right path for their future was something I cherished and I didn’t want to give that up by retiring to work with my husband from home. I was also very disenchanted with teaching; with the entire public school system here in America. I was so lucky to still be able to inspire and help and make a difference in peoples lives. Now I do that for parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends who will in turn pass along what they learn to the children- no I can assist multiple generations, not just one. I now pass along information and training that has revolutionized our lives and our family on a daily basis.

Coming home and working our home-based business together allowed me to spend everyday, all day with my very best friend in the entire world- my husband. Due to the economy, jobs, trying to provide the best life for our children, this was not happening. We never saw each other and barely our children. We knew that we had to figure a way to change that and be better for ourselves, for our children and for each other. That was not the life, not the type of parents that we wanted to be. Most importantly, I have been given the most important thing in the world that I realized I was missing out on- it gave me back my son!

Our youngest child, an absolutely and amazing blessing in our lives was born riddled with disabilities, legally blind without his glasses, having many learning disabilities. He was given special help and assistance in school and we were so grateful for the added help and assistance that he was given, but it also was slowly eating away at his own belief in himself on a daily basis. He saw other children did not need that extra help. In his eyes, they were normal and he was not. He came to us at the age of 10 and said “I just want to be like everybody else, to be normal!”

As a parent, words like those tear you apart. Always wanting to save your children from pain, to help them not make the same mistakes that you have in life and make their lives easier. This was something that neither Rick or I could “fix” or even help with. We didn’t know what to do to help him. He told us that it was watching us achieve our dreams and assisting others create massive success in multiple areas within their lives that convinced him this was possible. He came up with his own plan by utilizing what he heard from us, what we were learning in our business. He put his own plan into action. It’s a blessing that within one year, on his own, he got himself out of all special-ed classes, no modifications and achieved a 4.0 GPA being the first student in our state to be a special-ed student inducted into the National Junior Honor’s Society. Every day he is an inspiration and a motivation to me in my business and my personal life.