Raymond Fong

Raymond Fong

Co-founder of SEO Networker & No Excuses Summit

Raymond FongAt age 27, Raymond Fong made the decision to retire from Corporate America and never look back. Today, he has gone from “rocket scientist” (literally) to full time Internet Marketer and SEO expert.

Upon getting his undergraduate degree from Harvey Mudd College, Raymond went straight to working for an aerospace company, raking in about $85,000 a year plus bonuses. He thought he had it made.

However, with the looming threat of company layoffs weighing heavily on his mind, Raymond thought getting a masters degree in computer engineering from University of Southern California (USC) would be the solution – but it wasn’t.

Then, he was introduced to network marketing. He found a great mentor who taught him the ropes of MLM and developed important people, communication, and business skills. While at USC, he met his future business partner Fernando “Ferny” Ceballos, and the two instantly formed a strong alliance and developed a profound friendship.

Together Ray and Ferny have established themselves as the “go-to-guys” when it comes to helping folks take over the top rankings in the search engines for massive amounts of free traffic and leads.

So how did it all start for Raymond? Well, with Ferny’s help, he began doing research online, and discovered a successful Internet Marketer by the name of Mike Dillard. Through Mike and his Magnetic Sponsoring program, along with the help of other top marketing gurus, Raymond dove head-first into the realm of internet marketing.

Raymond was pleased that he had found a system that he can finally use to train his down-lines so that they can replicate his success. He had read a countless number of books, studied as many programs and systems as he can, took on coaching opportunities, and attended many seminars… eventually coming up with the very popular marketer’s summit “No Excuses” alongside his partner Ferny.

Raymond then applied his knowledge to many projects including Attraction Marketing Formula, coaching for MLM Traffic Formula Live 2008, managing Better Networker, dominating the SEO world with Theme Zoom Protégé program, and others.

He now does online marketing full time and among the different projects he is working on, Raymond also consults for other individuals and businesses – teaching them the philosophy of Affinity Integration and helping them take their business to the next level online.