Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon

From $300 in the Bank to $50k per Month in 1 Year

Ray HigdonIn 2009, Ray Higdon emerged onto the network marketing scene as young rising star in network marketing. In just one year, he had built the largest downline in his company, and eventually became the #1 income earner, and the first ever Ambassador.

Although he had a very successful period as a real estate investor and seminar speaker, Ray’s investments and wealth were completely wiped out when the real estate bubble burst, leaving him with only $300 in the bank.

It was in 2008 that Ray saw his real estate investment company start to decline. Then by 2009, things got so bad that he found himself personally in foreclosure and on the brink of bankruptcy. After going through almost 12 months of depression, Ray decided it was time to do something about it.

From the ashes of depression and personal foreclosure, Ray finally said enough is enough. Within 14 days of making that declaration, he joined an MLM company and, he says, starting working his butt off.

In five months, Ray had his first $10,000 month, and his first $40,000 month by his 7th month.

Ray now spends his time helping others reach their financial goals using internet marketing, social media marketing, and coaching his downline to have a “no-limits” attitude.

He teaches people that they can live the life of their dreams if they are just willing to suspend their disbelief for an extended period of time and have the discipline it takes to work toward your dreams every single day.

Ray currently works out of his home in Southwest Florida, and enjoys spending quality time with his two sons, Ethan and Brandon. Recently he married his long time girlfriend, Jessica, who incidentally is the top female income earner in his primary company.