Ramiro Ceballos

Ramiro Ceballos

Small Business Marketing & SEO Consultant

Ramiro CeballosIf you are thinking to yourself, “Ceballos, now where do I know that name from…” Ramiro’s brother Fernando may come to mind.
You see, Ferny is the big time network marketer who had tried to educate his brother on the concept behind what is referred to as the “Rat Race.” However, that “educating” fell on deaf ears, as Ramiro was going to college at the time and “looking forward to the Rat Race.”

Growing up, Ramiro thought he had his path set: work hard, go to school and get a job. “The old American Dream of a nice house, good job, family, cars, sports and all the beer you can drink,” he writes on his website.

In 2006 , Ramiro earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside with an emphasis in Marketing. Six months later, he found himself working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and felt as though he was right on track with his career and the American Dream.

Next thing he knew, the traditional 9 to 5 job he had envisioned for himself wasn’t working out quite the way he had hoped, and by May of 2010, he just decided to quit. Seeing how successful his brother Ferny had became as a network marketer, along with his business partner Raymond Fong, Ramiro asked to join their team.

Although Ferny was hesitant about hiring family at first, Ramiro saw this as an opportunity to “prove himself”, and within a year of partnering with Ferny & Ray, he was co-running a division of their company called Link Networker, an SEO link building service, handling the linking services of many of their top network marketers’ accounts.

Presently, with over 10 years of sales and managerial experience, 5+ years of Internet marketing experience, Ramiro helped establish SEO Networker Local, an Online marketing and consulting division of our company, and currently leads as the Director of Online Marketing, dedicated to training and working with business owners on redeveloping their marketing strategies, adapting to today’s very dynamic online world and helping them drive new business through the Internet.

Here he writes: “I graduated with a Marketing-emphasized degree hoping to become a Sports Marketer, working 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, but now I work when I want, whatever time I’d like. I’ve never worked harder…. What’s funny is, this isn’t exactly the dream I imagined… it’s turning out even better.”