Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson

The Savvy Internet Network Marketer

Rachel JacksonIn her own words:

I was 21 and broke, I wasn’t destitute – but I was broke. Too much month at the end of the money. Newly married, college dropout working in retail 55 hours per week, 2.5 hours commute each day

I hated my boss, wasn’t making NEARLY enough money. I was tired. I felt unfulfilled and though I was very successful in what I did – it left me little time to be with my new husband and friends.

“…There’s gotta be a better way…”

When my husband introduced me to the concept of working for yourself and network marketing.

I always had this entrepreneurial spirit inside of me, just never the appropriate avenue to let it flourish. So when my husband told me about this opportunity – I jumped on it pretty quickly!

I met many people in my company and said “If they can do it, I can do it” and saw massive potential in this industry, in the network marketing model, and even moreso with our product/service.

Creating financial and time freedom and helping others do the same?

That’s right up my alley! Unfortunately not everyone saw that.

During the first two years, I did it ENTIRELY the traditional way. I cold called, I bought leads, I spoke to friends and family, I networked in my local community, did trade shows, the whole deal!

…And saw pretty great success. I became the youngest Executive in my company’s history and my income and team was growing fast!

But then it came to a SCREECHING hault! People weren’t willing to put in the work I was putting in (and I was putting in a LOT!) Running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

So they quit.

I knew there was a better way, I knew that I could leverage the INTERNET to see even greater success – and cut down on the traditional network marketing tactics that was overwhelming me.

So I ended up in a similar position you are now. (;

I sat in front of a website, in front of a form and filled out to receive information.

What happened next changed my life forever I believe.

I soon became a sponge for knowledge and ended up partnering up with and learning from some of the most successful online entrepreneurs out there today.

One trend I constantly saw though was this MYTH, the LIE being perpetuated throughout the Internet Network Marketing

“You can build this 100% online!”

“You don’t need to ever call a soul!”

“Systematize, automate, you never lift a finger!” mentalities…

You’ve got to be joking right?

I saw people building their business 100% online that were missing the most important aspect of business today:


They didn’t stay in touch with their reps, their clients, customers, prospects in heartfelt, thoughtful ways and their
ATTRITION was enormous.

They chalk it up to “That’s the internet for ya…”

I believe there is a better way.

I believe that you can pair offline tactics with online systems. I believe that you don’t HAVE to hassle friends and family (if you don’t want to.) I believe that you can make every rep and customer feel unbelievably appreciated – so much
that they want to refer everyone they know TO YOU.

What would THAT look like in your business?

There is an enormous amount of potential within technology and the internet, and in fact, the future of wealth creation on this planet WILL BE in the hands of the entrepreneurs who understand technology.

But if you never properly build relationships, build a QUALITY list and audience…you’ll leave thousands…

Anyway Ferny, I want to help you reach every single one of your goals in life and hopefully develop a true friendship along the way (=

And how you can develop yourself into the kind of entrepreneur who is capable of creating real success and wealth in your life!