Paula Pritchard

Paula Pritchard

Responsible for Over $1 Billion in Sales

Paula PritchardPaula Pritchard was introduced to network marketing while teaching at Kent State University and working towards her PhD. Attending an Amway presentation was her first exposure to network marketing.

Soon after joining Amway, Paula became the first single woman in North America to reach the Diamond level out of one million distributors at the time. Her extraordinary success in network marketing now spans over 25 years, during which she has grown organizations of up to 200,000 distributors worldwide, producing over a billion dollars in business in across 15 countries.

As she travels the world and gives speeches on how she became so successful, Paula admits to “tape recording everything” and transcribing those tapes until she had the content on them memorized.
Paula says: “I was a very good student. I learned from the people who were where I wanted to be… By focusing on their success, I never had to worry about my own.”

As one of the top and most consistent performers in Network Marketing, Paula has proven time and time again that her business building methods work. Her techniques for building large successful businesses have created many successful leaders in the industry and have been well documented in her book “Owning Yourself”.

Her advice to new distributors: “Attach yourself to a mentor, someone who is where you want to be. Find a great training system. Become a student of the business. Focus as much time on personal development as possible because it will always be an ongoing concern.”

And her advice for up and coming network marketing companies is placing more emphasis on leadership development.

“Just like traditional business is being brought under the microscope to be more principle driven and ethnically sound, network marketing companies will need to do the same. The companies that last are going to have to lead with integrity and focus on developing people, not just recruiting them in the front door and hoping they grab some product as they fall out the back door.”