Pamela Herrmann

Pamela Herrmann

The Paragon Effect

Pam HerrmannBlending her interests in small business development, consumer products, psychology and the desire to serve, Pamela helps The Paragon Effect clients find creative and innovative solutions to successfully develop their direct selling business into profitability.

Pamela is an inventor of consumer products and has successfully brought them to market with such retail giants as The Pottery Barn, The Great Indoors and International Wine Accessories. A graduate of University of San Francisco, she was a collegiate ski racer and is an avid competitive golfer. She resides in Colorado with her two children.

In her own words: I was introduced to network marketing about two years ago and the disconnect that I recognized almost immediately told me that somewhere, someone had to have a better way of building a predictable stream of income out of this industry of great promise! I was just like you! I couldn’t crack the code… totally filled with fear and then frustration set in.

I knew things had to change and I knew there had to be a better way! I HAD to do things differently if I was going to succeed!

Then I discovered Ri Training and it made perfect sense to me immediately! It’s a simple system for learning the skills that the top earners have mastered. Except I learned it in about 90 days (instead of years) and totally accelerated my business.

I broke through the obstacles (most of them were invisible road blocks) by learning what it was I didn’t know! It’s a simple system of learning that is pinpointed, fun and fast! My passion is serving people just like you so that you can realize profitability, and get closer to your dreams.

This is life-changing stuff and as a result of this small commitment on my part, I am happier, freer and richer… and you can do this too!

If you have been struggling and have no clue why, then you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at the system designed by Ri Training. It is a missing link in how it is that we bring new distributors into a system of learning that develops all of the skills that the 7-figure income earners have mastered.