Ola & Shola Abitogun

Ola & Shola Abitogun

The MLM Brothers

MLM BrothersOla and Shola Abitogun are brothers and business partners.

Ola Abitogun has a B.Sc in Computer Engineering and M.Sc in Engineering Management. However, he has successfully being involved in the Real Estate Business, Internet Marketing and Network Marketing.

Shola Abitogun has a B.Sc in Bio-Medical Engineering and M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Engineering. He has successfully worked in the corporate America for 4-5 years and realized that true wealth cannot be created with any linearly paid or salary job.

They have both achieved financial success and helped others do the same. They have dedicated their lives and careers to helping average people achieve financial freedom and true wealth through their organization, MB Worldwide LLC (MLMBrothers.com).