Norbert Orlewicz

Norbert Orlewicz

Co-Founder of My Lead System PRO (formerly MLM Lead System PRO)

Norbert OrlewiczNorbert Orlewicz is one of the founders of MyLeadSystemPro, the premiere internet marketing solution for network marketing distributors looking to use the internet to build their business.

Norbert and his story are inspiring, and it really drives home the point that by just staying committed, you can make it in the industry. It also takes the willingness to first master whatever marketing tool you attempt to use before moving on to different methods.

Like so many marketers, Norbert faced a constant stream of rejection and failure when first entering the MLM industry. For six years, he spent more money than he was making trying to implement “old school” marketing strategies and marketing web sites that had been distributed to thousands of others.

Then one day, Norbert discovered the world of attraction marketing, and the ability to use a system that has been proven to work. Simply learn how to become a person who other people seek to work with once you master this, and as Norbert will concur, a favorable financial future in internet marketing is assured.

As a trainer, Norbert was able to simplify internet marketing into a step-by-step blueprint that newbies could follow, and he has helped thousands of struggling marketers successfully grow their businesses online.
Today, Norbert trains and coaches entrepreneurs on how they can leverage the internet to build their businesses quickly and efficiently, all with simple to use technologies and systems put in place with the very solutions that one can find in MyLeadSystemPro.

He is also an entrepreneur and President of LegacyWealthSystem, Inc., a company focused on assisting individuals to leverage the power of the internet to create lucrative, cash flow producing businesses and build lasting wealth.

Norbert remains dedicated to helping inspired and motivated individuals to create complete financial freedom for themselves and use their resources and influence to make a positive impact on the world. He lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with his wife Monica and their daughter Olivia.