Mike Klingler

Mike Klingler

7-Figure Earner & Founder of Marketing Merge

Mike KlinglerMike Klingler is an online business coach and trainer who has taught literally tens of thousands of students how to escape the traditional avenues of education, career & retirement and live lives with passion, and become financially empowered online.

Mike is well known for his efforts to help network marketers, and non-profit companies, in the art of marketing to acquire substantial amounts of leads on a shoestring budget.

Before going from earning zero to millions of dollars in the network/internet marketing industry, Mike was once a newbie too – frustrated that he was not attaining the results he wanted.

It wasn’t until he read Ann Sieg’s book “The Renegade Network Marketer” that his business finally started to turn around. Ann is a pioneer of online marketing and her strategy to grow home-based businesses is highly regarded by many of today’s top notch marketers.

Since reading Ann’s book, Mike went on to found or co-found many companies such as Coaching Cognition, which offers both coaching and consulting services for personal and professional needs of entrepreneurs new to the world of home-based business.

With Marketing Merge, Inc., Mike established a parent company for products like Renegade University, Renegade Professional, Marketing Funnel Mastery and a number of other industry leading training tools and programs.

To date, many people continue to recognize him as the creator of Marketing Funnel Mastery, a revolutionary live coaching program for entrepreneurs teaching sustainable marketing practices, where participants build custom and powerful marketing systems.

After 14+ year veteran in the network marketing industry and 7-year veteran in the Internet / attraction marketing field, Mike now dedicates his time, energy and resources into helping home business entrepreneurs identify their passion, acquire necessary skills and tools to materialize and monetize it.

With a large a loyal following of 25,000 plus fans on the Mike Klingler Facebook fan page, and many more out there in the real world, Mike has seen it all and experienced it all. Now, he’s helping others cut their learning curve and experience the success he currently has faster than he did!