Michelle Alpha Pescosolido

Michelle Pescosolido

Social Media Queen

About Michelle in her own words:

Gosh, where do I start….. I would say my journey began at a young age. I grew up as an only child living in a divorced home with my mother. I remember always seeing my mom sitting at the kitchen table working late into the night for her to make ends meet. I never realized until now, what an impact that would have on my life seeing her always working at her job and not having much free time for herself. As far as my Dad, well let’s just say my memories are, I was never good enough. Every time I felt I did something well, it was always, “You could of done better.”

I was very shy growing up and very dependent on others for my happiness. Until college, I discovered through a course of traumatic events that it was time to create my own happiness and stop relying on others for that happiness.

That’s when I would say my journey began as an entrepreneur. I was constantly looking for ways to make money from home. I sold on ebay and built up a nice business selling purses and children’s clothing. There were times when I felt the need to get a “REAL” job in corporate America and every time I did, I exceeded everyone’s expectations. I climbed the corporate ladder quickly but was never really fulfilled. I always felt I could do a better job than my boss or I just simply did not agree with their management. Needless to say this usually caused me to quit and once again I was back at trying to make money from home.

At one point in my late 20′s I decided to be a stay at home mom after having my first daughter who is now 13. I truly loved staying out home raising my kiddos. But, at the age of 32 life took a turn on me and I ended up as a single mom. I was determined to not go back to work because I felt why should my girls be punished for something they had no control over.

I went on a mission to go back to college and finish up my degree, while my girls were in school. I spent many sleepless nights studying and waking up bright an early to put back on my mom cap.

Through another set of unfortunate events we landed up in Dallas, Tx, which turned out to be a blessing. That is where I met Bill, my now husband. I will let him chime in on his story shortly. So, when I got to Dallas I enrolled at the University of Texas at Dallas to continue on with my education. I truly felt that I needed this degree to land a good job and it would help me in the long run to provide much more to my children.

Well, was I ever wrong. I graduated with a double degree in 2009, Child Development / Psychology. The only job I was able to find was as a therapist for children with Autism, making a whopping $10 dollars an hour. On a side note, very sad that such an important position in our society pays so little.

I struggled to balance motherhood and work. I couldn’t even make an entire week of work without one of my kiddos being sick, needing to go to the doctor, having to stay home from school, and activities that required me to be at. Not only was I drained during the day from working with kids that kicked me, spit on me, pee’d on me, hit me, bit me, etc….I still had to come home and be an effective parent.

I soon realized after 8 months this was not working. I couldn’t effectively parent my children if I was completely drained form working with kids all day. Those kids during the day needed me and so did my 2 girls. The straw that broke was when my oldest failed her pre-tasks test in 4th grade. I quickly realized she needed me at home to help her more than I was able to do from work. She was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and needed constant help with reading and homework.

I quit my job and focused on raising my kids as a stay at home mom once again. I knew I needed to find away to make some money in order to keep afloat. I struggled but, one day a good friend of mine introduced me to a weight loss product she was taking. I really didn’t care about the business since I had a bad taste in my mouth from the “Amway” days in my early 20′s. But, she gave me an energy sample and once I took it, my entrepreneurial mind took off. I saw a vision of me selling this!

I immediately joined at the $75 level and was off! I advanced through the ranks quickly and grew my business each month. But, after the 5 month, I realized how exhausted I was, only for 1K for the month. I actually at that time thought that was great money. Along the way I chased after friends, family and anyone 3 feet around me. What a mistake!

That’s when I ventured online and found MLSP. This was an online marketing system that I was able to put into motion to build my business online. I was intrigued with online marketing because my eyes were open to a guy who was making over 400K a month. At that time I would have been happy with $5k a month. I quickly hit $5K a month and started to have multiple 10K weeks. Within 6 months I had built up a 6 figure income.

Chalk this quickness up to my drive, passion, clear vision on my why, and the desire to never want to go back to a “job” again. I refused to fail and worked my tail of 14 hours a day at the least. I pulled many all nighters and focused on my family during the day.

After jumping in to online marketing I partnered up with my mentor and he pushed me to perfection. No it wasn’t easy. He refused to give “things” to me. I had to work hard for it. I had to figure things out on my own. There was no babysitting on his part. If I thought I did something good, he laughed and told me I could of done better. Hmm….sound familiar?

Enter….my Dad who use to say the same thing. Those words from my mentor rang in my head and the feeling I had was of anger and I was determined to prove him wrong. Just like I use to do with my Dad.

I refused to be tied to a job that had me working in an office and at home because there were not enough hours in the day. Just like I witnessed my mom doing as I grew up. It was very important to me I was someone who could spend time with her family when I wanted and where I wanted. I wanted my kids to have a better life.

After diving online and having success Bill and I got married. He worked in the energy business in corporate america earning a healthy income. He really didn’t understand quite what I was doing but was 110% supportive and believed in me.

I am thankful that he did because in August of 2011 almost a year after diving online he was able to quit is “job” and join me in this amazing venture.

I can now say after one year online, we have successfully built an amazing 6 figure business. Here are some of the things we have accomplished.

  • 100K in sales in just 10 days with my newly released Facebook marketing product
  • Top sponsor in N.America in a previous MLM
  • Top leader in our High Ticket at Global Resorts Network
  • EMT member at MLSP (Click HERE to understand)
  • Speaker at Live the Dream II event for MLSP
  • Top affiliate for many big affiliate launches
  • Multiple 10K weeks
  • L5 leader inside of MLSP
  • Earned over 35K in income in our most recent month as I write this, November
  • Successful Numis leader
  • Won a cruise for being a top sponsor in Numis for a contest period. We landed in the highest room grade possible (luxury suite)
  • Spoken on the topic of Social Media at many local events
  • Known as the “go to” girl for Facebook Marketing from many leaders, such as Ray Higdon, Brian Fanale, Mark Hoverson, Daegan Smith, Todd Falcone, Norbert Orlewitz, & many more….
  • MLSP member of the month
  • Conducted Facebook Marketing webinars for many of the top leaders in our industry
  • Went from making $0 dollars a month to over $35K a month in just one year and more…

That brings us to now….where Bill and I are building this amazing business together. We have a great system down. I do all the marketing and he calls all the leads. Together we have built a team of leaders who are looking to duplicate our success.