Michael Force

Michael Force

7-Figure Direct Sales Producer

Michael ForceMichael Force, a father, husband and retired U.S. Marine, was a founding member of CarbonCopyPRO and has been one of the top 3 earners since the PRO launched.

Micheal was awarded the very first Founders Award in recognition of his team’s duplication and success. Michael’s commitment to cultivating leadership resulted in the largest team in the PRO community, reflecting his endless dedication and commitment to helping others.

Early in his life, while serving as a former U.S. Marine, Michael got fed up with not being able to spend time with his family. He knew that he had to turn his life round, so he decided to give direct sales a try.

The field of marketing & sales came quite naturally using his multi dynamic personality to his advantage, he knew that for one to get ahead in life and work towards success, he had to show others how to achieve success as well.

Michael branched into internet marketing, and in a short time, became very successful, earning multiple millions of dollars and a dream lifestyle for he and his family.

One message that Michael consistently instills in people is that they must stop searching for the get rich quick schemes because they do not work and be willing to work hard and work the right way for great rewards.

Today, Michael Force is part of PRO U, a direct sales company based out of New York founded by his friend, Jay Kubassek, and he continues to train others to succeed. For over ten years he has provided mentoring for serious individuals who want to learn how to succeed in the business.