Mark Hoverson

Mark Hoverson

CEO of Global Resorts Network

Mark HoversonMark Hoverson is a man of few words, but when he talks, it’s a good idea to play close attention to every word he says.

It seems as though Mark has the unique ability to take any one from any walk of life and turn them into a guru marketer in a very short time. Esentially every conversation one has with Mark yields advice that if applied turns to gold.

Mark himself was able to earn a 7 figure income during his 2nd year in network marketing. He was able to do this by mastering the art of influence, Pay Per Click advertising and duplication.

For years, the name Mark Hoverson was unknown to many, as he silently made a fortune in a tiny travel niche company called Global Resorts Network. It wasn’t until he decided to seize the spotlight by teaming up with Jonathan Budd to launch his PPC Mastery course that everyone really started to pay attention to this “silent guru”.

Like most home business entrepreneurs, early on in his career, Mark had struggled to come up with the cash needed to invest in things like leads, business tools, and industry events that he was attending. All the while he was living in a trailer, on food stamps, and barely able to hold his marriage together.

Still, he was able to build a business “old school style” – cold calling leads, chasing friends and family, doing events… all the things us “new school marketers” now dread.

Eventually a top income earner, Jeffery Combs, began to coach Mark, and taught him the secrets of creating attraction through online marketing systems and running his business 7-figure style.

Today, Mark has made a name for himself in the MLM industry by becoming a “direct response” dynamo and simply applying his creativity and passion to internet marketing. He has created many successful products, and is a well-known speaker and trainer in our industry. He has also broken several international sales records, earning in excess of $100,000 in a single month from his home business.