Katie Freiling

Katie Freiling

Creator of Unified Tribe

Katie FreilingBeing one of very few marketers in this industry to successfully use social media to generate up to 100+ leads per day for her business, Katie Freiling is regarded by her peers as a leading social media marketing expert.

Katie has also managed to successfully branded herself as a sought after Internet entrepreneur, coach, speaker, visionary, and global shift leader who specializes in helping entrepreneurs create true wealth from the inside out.

In just a few short years, Katie went from being $30,000 in credit card debt to building an online brand that brings in over $575k a year; she attributes her success to “following my heart, leveraging my talents, and becoming a force for inspiration and empowerment in the world.”

Through her mission to help entrepreneurs discover their true purpose, and create fulfilling prosperous lives by sharing their unique gifts with the world, Katie has developed some amazing technology to help networkers around the world effectively generate free leads for their businesses. So, while most other marketers online were struggling with paid traffic, Katie managed to create a viral, word of mouth marketing system from which she was able to build her entire list for free, and quite effortlessly.

In April of 2009, she launched her blog, KatieFreiling.com, sharing posts and videos about empowerment, inspiration, personal growth, and various tips and resources about online marketing.

Here she writes: “I built a brand around what I LOVE, empowering entrepreneurs to awaken to their true potential, inside and out. After a few months (of launching KatieFreiling.com), something quite incredible happened. I was generating dozens of leads to my blog every single day for free, and without doing any “advertising”. It was happening automatically. Because I was pouring value out in the community, people were sharing my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social communities.”

Having gone through such an incredible, major, personal transformation, this once insecure, broke, and unhappy cocktail waitress has now spoken in front of audiences as big as 850 people, while at the same time building amazing relationships and partnerships with other great Internet entrepreneurs.