Justin Christianson

Justin Christianson

Founder of Monster Ventures, LLC.

Justin ChristiansonJustin Christianson spent 4 years alongside Mike Dillard as Mike’s business partner and co-owner of Magnetic Sponsoring, now a multi-million dollar Affiliate Marketing company.

As one of the first ‘attraction marketing’ superstars in this industry, Justin has since branched out beyond the network marketing space to offer his expertise and consulting to internet entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide.

In 2002, at the young age of 21, Justin decided to pursue his career in internet marketing. Growing up in rural North Dakota, trust and a hard work ethic were instilled upon him at an early age. Five years later, Justin decided to move his entire business to Austin TX where he currently resides with his wife and young daughter.

With over 8 years of online experience, Justin soon founded Monster Ventures LLC, an internet marketing development and training company with the mission to help as many people as possible embrace the power of the internet to live life on their terms.

Hailed by many as a master of maximizing profits by implementing simple systems to keep expenses down, and boosting conversions in marketing through split testing, Justin is able to figure out exactly where companies pain points, often having companies pay him upwards of $60,000 to share his wisdom.

Justin has shared the stage with the top internet marketers in the world and has presented in front of audiences as large as 1000. Over the years he has also read hundreds of books and training courses, and attended countless events to stay up to date on the latest in internet marketing techniques, personal development, and overall business structure and practices.

Some of the past accomplishments he has listed on his website include: Generating 600+ high quality leads per day; Bringing in revenue of over $540,000 in one day; Revenue of over $1.7 Million in a single month.; Growing his company from 3 people to over 10 employees.; Increasing overall revenue 470% in one year. … all using internet marketing techniques.