Joey Klein

Joey Klein

Personal Development Coach & Speaker

Joey KleinJoey Klein is a dynamic motivational speaker and teacher with a universal goal to empower people from all professions and backgrounds to live extraordinary lives through a series of teachings which he has formulated from many philosophical, spiritual & martial arts traditions around the world. The focuses of the teachings are designed to promote harmony between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of one’s self.

Through these unique teachings of Self-Awarenes, and while instilling ancient traditions for the modern world, Joey’s teachings are geared towards those seeking ways to accelerate their evolution, focus the mind, master emotions, all in addition to strengthening the body and connecting more deeply with the soul.
Here he writes: “The first step to changing the condition of one’s life is to become self-aware. Most of us walk through life in a deep slumber almost completely unaware of why we do what we do, living in a constant state of reaction to the events unfolding around us.”

After a rigorous period of self-discipline and study with remarkable teachers, Joey experienced his own personal awakening pretty early on in life. To this day, not only does he apply what he has learned from his masters, and remains dedicated to his teachings, he also engages intensely in his own spiritual studies and trains regularly in the disciplines of martial arts; continuously propelling himself towards higher levels of understanding.

Joey has been teaching and training internationally since 2001. In 2003, he founded the Institute of Transformational Studies (ITS) with other projects such as Global Charities and Neshamah Healing soon to follow. Joey personally overseas each of these organizations and actively guides a growing community of people. His vision is to create a global community of conscious and engaged individuals who support each other and serve the world.

To date, Joey’s writings, teachings, and interviews have been published in 14 countries. He continues to be a regular guest on radio shows across the nation, and he has been a keynote speaker or presenter at many events, including being given the opportunity to speak before the United Nations in Thailand during an international peace summit.