Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Creator of PPC Domination & Yaghi Labs

Jim YaghiFrom a very young age, Jim Yaghi was astonishing scientists and professors as he showed his grasp of mechanics, computer science, and engineering with uncanny accuracy and speed. Now he uses that genius to show his students how they can earn thousands of dollars by creating strategic PPC marketing campaigns for their businesses.

Jim created Magnetic Sponsoring’s PPC Domination and later put together an online course, along with David Schwind, called PPC Supremacy. Not only is Jim an expert with Pay Per Click advertising, he is also a brilliant copy writer, as demonstrated in his personal blog as he explores the connections between literature, entertainment, and entrepreneurship.

His most recent work involves Yaghi Labs, a collaborative group that allows entrepreneurs to apply to become interns and learn directly from Jim and other accomplished Internet marketers. Yaghi Labs is giving eager learners a very hands-on approach to copy writing, Internet marketing, PPC advertising, and other important facets of running a home based business.

On his website you will find many useful articles written and contributed by several of his interns. They provide information about blogging, video marketing, and other personal insights into topics that are seldom discussed openly on other business websites.