Jerry Chen

Jerry Chen

From 16 Year Old Broke Immigrant w/ 2nd Grade Reading Level to National MLM Stages

Jerry ChenJerry Chen went from a 16 year-old broke immigrant speaking 2nd grade level English to teaching on national stages as a network marketing superstar in a few short years.

The journey to gaining confidence and living a life in a new country taught him two important lessons to network marketing success:

1) No one in this world succeeds without help from others

2) Learning and applying knowledge exactly as instructed yields the same results almost ALL of the time

After working feverishly to adjust to a new life style and master a new language, Jerry earned a degree from UC Berkeley and a professional certification from California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) in Mechanical Engineering.

Since starting out in the network marketing / Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) industry in 2004, Jerry has built a large organization that achieved the highest average volume per distributor in his previous business opportunity by focusing on developing strong relationships, creating a tight-knit community, personal development, proper posture, building confidence, staying motivated and earning more money.

While a capable marketer in many disciplines such as video marketing, search engine optimization, info product creation and social media marketing after studying under renowned experts such as

Jody Colvard,

Declan Dunn,

Tom Bell,

Mike Dillard…

Jerry has observed that the truly successful leaders in our industry always win by their character. They simply use marketing tools and strategies as mechanisms to amplify and advertise their character and leadership.

Jerry is enthusiastically building his business full-time and teaching others how to do the same after walking away from a 6-figure job as a rocket scientist (literally) in a large aerospace company in southern California.

He is also the brain behind Priority Team, one of the largest generic training companies in the home business industry.

He is also a certified trainer at Renegade Professional and an instructor at