Jeremy Miner

Jeremy Miner

#1 Earner for 6 Years Straight in 3 Companies

Jeremy-MinerJeremy Miner, Founder of the best selling Sales Mastery program “Call Less, Sell More, Get RICH” is an internationally recognised internet marketing / network marketing superstar, over the last 4 years, he has ammassed a personal fortune of over $1 Million Per Year (all documented & verified)

He’s uncanny ability to market & sell direct sales programs is totally unmatched.

Jeremy Miner went from being a broke, underpaid, burnt out corporate slave to earning millions of dollars online, known to many as ONE of the fastest success stories around, in he’s first year alone with ZERO EXPERIENCE he generated a staggering $650,00+ in online profits.

Generating a monstrous 500 – 1000 Leads per day, and being the top earner in ANY company he chooses to be – as fast as 30 days. Built a subscriber list of over 300,000, sponsoring well over 1500 people price points ranging from $2,000 – $25,000.

Having an deep rooted understanding in persuasion, influence and the art of having a quality conversation, Jeremy Miner is a sought after coach, trainer and speaker to the biggest MLM – Direct Sales Companies in the world….

Jeremy Miner has got a TRACK RECORD of being a Top Producer earning over $1.2 MILLION per year (All Documented) over the last 4 years, without any hype or teaching outdated crap like most of the “one hit wonder’s” out there in this industry.

Current Subscriber List: over 300,000

2006: No. 1 Top Earner in Liberty League
2007: No. 2 Top earner in Liberty League
2008: No. 1 Top earner in LifePath Unlimited
2009: No. 1 Top Earner in LifePath Unlimited
2010: No. 1 Top Earner in LifePath Unlimited
2011: No. 1 Top Earner in Wealth Masters International (WMI)