Jeffery Combs

Jeffery Combs

The Millionaire Maker

jeff combsJeffery Combs is the president of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc. and is committed to assisting people change the way they feel in order to achieve their goals and dreams!

Jeffery has been a full time Entrepreneur for over 20 years! He specializes in prospecting, leadership, personal breakthroughs, prosperity consciousness, scripts, mindset training, and all levels of effective marketing.

Jeffery’s many audio training series, books, and seminars have benefited thousands of entrepreneurs at all levels of conscious development.

He is perhaps best known for his highly inspiring and motivational book & audio series, More Heart Than Talent.

For over 14 years, Jeffery has coached over 6,000 clients and devoted over 60,000 hours of his personal time to coaching. His books and audio training programs benefit entrepreneurs & direct sales people at all levels of conscious development.

This website will give you some of the best tools in the industry to assist you with your growth, your personal development, your sales ability, and your ability to close sales.