Jay Kubassek

Jay Kubassek

8-Figure Earner & Founder of CarbonCopyPRO & PRO U

Jay KubassekJay Kubassek is one of the founders of Carbon Copy Pro & PRO U, a direct sales company based out of Red Bank, NY.

Before becoming an industry icon, Jay was once a Midas Muffler salesman for a long time, working grueling hours and still finding himself living paycheck to paycheck. Without a doubt, he hated his job. At the time, he was also trying to succeed with MLM’s but they just weren’t working out the way he wanted them to and he was losing money fast. One day he came across a website that made a lot of promises, and though he was very skeptical, he tried it out anyway. Pretty soon he realized his efforts were beginning to earn him the income he’d been looking for, resulting in a 7-figure online business within months of getting started.

With the help of his friend Alan Moore, they began to develop the basis for Carbon Copy Pro, in providing their downline a “carbon copy” of the advertising methods and websites they used to generate leads and build their businesses.

After collaborating with Aaron Parkinson, Carbon Copy Pro was launched in 2007 and members of their business began earning thousands of dollars through the use of this revolutionary new marketing system. At the time, “PRO” was used as a marketing and training system that feed new customers and distributors to Wealth Masters International (WMI), a direct sales company founded by Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey.

In 2010, Jay Kubassek founded the direct sales company, PRO U in partnership with leading financial guru and New York Times 9-time Bestseller, David Bach, thus ending Jay’s affiliation with Wealth Master International. A majority of WMI’s top producers also decided to move and affiliate themselves with PRO U.

Jay enjoys the things in life that mean the most to him, such as producing independent films and giving back to his community by helping his favorite charitable organizations. He might be one of the only Internet marketers you’ll quickly realize has an IMDB page listing the films on which he has worked. He also enjoys racing in Baja California and finding more ways to help out the global community.