Jackie Ulmer

The Original Attraction Marketer

Jackie UlmerJackie Ulmer is a network marketing coach and trainer. She learned to build a home based business while being a great mom at the same time, and she was motivated by the desire to bring in new streams of income for her family. At first she was skeptical about network marketing, but she gave it a shot anyway. It was a rough start, but eventually she got past the hardest parts of building a home based business (the cold-calling, the presentations).

For six years, she used all the traditional strategies but eventually realized she would need something with less limitations, In October of 1999, she realized that she could use the Internet to help grow her business far beyond what offline marketing was already doing for her. She shares that she learned to “profit in her PJ’s” as she built her business online.

She would like to teach you how to grow your business by leveraging social media in your favor so that your leads come to you already with the desire to learn from you, rather than you going after them. She wants to show you how to be in charge of the quality of your life by building your online business so that you free up more time for your family, friends, or simply yourself. She is the author of “MLM, The Internet, And You,” “Power Recruiting: Become a Sponsoring Pro,” and “Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Into Your Business Using Web 2.0.”