Guy Ferdman

Guy Ferdman

Online Entrepreneur

Up until 2009 Guy Ferdman was a commercial real estate lending professional who found success right out of college. After losing his business and a very handsome six-figure income Guy was forced to hit ‘reset’ on his lifestyle both personally and financially due to the hemorrahaing economy.

Alongside his business background, Guy had also been heavily involved in personal development both as a student and as a coach for nearly a decade.

In early 2010 Guy decided he had enough of the ‘norm’ and chose to create a business without a floor, ceiling or walls. The online entrepreneur lifestyle seemed to be perfect and he dove right in.

His business and personal development skills seemed to be a perfect fit for the leadership qualities necessary to become a stand-out in the industry and as such he’s generated a lot of buzz with many of the top industry leaders.

Guy believes that people are only limited by their own perspective and limited view of reality. “Anyone is able to break-through in the areas of life that are more important to them”. – Guy proclaims.

In his short tenure he’s been able to help, guide and lead other seasoned and new entrepreneurs to find their power and create a lifestyle of freedom.