Geoff Stephen

Geoff Stephen

Successful Internet Marketer, Programmer, and Online Trainer

Geoff StephenGeoff is a very successful internet marketer, programmer, and online trainer. He has generated multiple millions of dollars in sales, and has paid millions to his affiliates in commissions.

Thousands of people have earned their first $1 (and much more) online using Geoff’s systematic approach to online success, and his excellent training and coaching.

A bit of history: From “Point A” to “Point B”…

Geoff was raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and has been “entrepreneurial” ever since he made up his mind to NOT follow in his father’s footsteps, which was to work at the same job for the same company for 30 years without any “change of scenery”. Nope, not gonna happen.

Something about running your own business and writing your own paychecks fascinated him, and at this point he knew that somehow this would be the “way”.

Geoff’s first passion is music, and he thought that becoming a rock star would be a lot more interesting than going to university. So.. it was time to rock ‘n’ roll. Geoff formed a band and took it on the road… Fun stuff, no money…

..After playing music professionally for a few years while travelling all over the 2nd largest country in the world (Canada), he decided that it was time to get back to concentrating on chasing his dream of “owning” his own success. Time to dig in and make it happen.

Gave it a try… and failed.

Geoff took his first giant leap into MLM in his mid 20′s and (like most), failed miserably. He also tried his hand at mail order. More failures. This was before the gold rush of the internet.

After a few more tries, and a few more jobs, Geoff went back to school and focused his future on the field of technology. He became a “Microsoft Certified” Computer Systems Engineer, got some letters after his name, and got a middle management job in that field. He was making good money, supporting his family, but as with many in his position, he was “stuck”. It was a great job, but it was killing him inside to waste his talents on supervising a bunch of 20-something computer geeks that would rather have been snowboarding than working hard.

The entrepreneur in him was getting restless.

It was during this time that Geoff found his way back into network marketing, and internet marketing in particular. Being simply bored with his job, he spent all his extra time educating himself on how online business works, and how online MLM was becoming an incredibly lucrative opportunity (if you knew what you were doing). Geoff was hooked, and his “career path” was beginning to take on a life of it’s own – outside of what he originally thought his “career” would become.

Geoff was building downline clubs and working on gathering groups of people together in order to build his online MLM ventures. As a leader, Geoff took on the responsibility of creating systems and process in order to build his downlines and keep the necessary lines of communication open within his teams.

Unfortunately, there was a huge “void” in the programming area of building these types of teams. Geoff was growing more and more frustrated with the “programmers” he was constantly dealing with in order to make things work efficiently for him.

The Perfectionist Programmer

So, to make the long story short, Geoff taught himself how to be a master programmer in the field of online marketing systems and MLM in particular. Geoff is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and follows the motto “If you want it done right, do it yourself”. So Geoff focused even more of his time on programming, database design, scripting, and everything “internet marketing” related.

Geoff’s main focus now is creating online tools, systems, MLM membership sites, affiliate programs, and any type of automation that would help the average online marketer become more efficient (and therefore more profitable) in their marketing. And of course since he designs and programs everything himself, he creates the necessary training programs to go along with everything he creates.

He has developed and designed such tools as Autoresponder Systems, Ad Trackers, Lead/Contact Managers, Downline systems, Backoffice Membership Sites, URL Rotators, Capture Systems, Marketing Funnels, Task Managers and Goal Setting Programs, Affiliate Systems, + a lot more.

He has programmed downline systems in many MLM models such as:

  • Multi-tier affiliate systems
  • Forced matrix downlines
  • Powerline systems
  • “up” Systems (1-up, 2-up, 3-up, etc..)
  • Whatever system YOU can think of.

Ok, enough technical stuff about Geoff.. we all know he can program anything.