Ferny Ceballos

Ferny Ceballos

Co-Founder of SEO Networker & No Excuses Summit

Ferny CeballosFerny Ceballos is an anomaly in this industry, having graduated from the Masschusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Southern California (USC) with Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degrees.

By Day, Ferny worked at his engineering job doing top secret work for the government. By Night, he was sowing the seeds to his network marketing and internet marketing empire. The day he and his business partner, Raymond Fong, retired from their work as engineers was the day they were able to dedicate themselves full time to putting together the very powerful and popular SEO Networker Mastermind Course which has already helped home business entrepreneurs bring in thousands of dollars after implementation of the strategies.

Ferny is aware that people are coming into the network marketing industry with a bit of trepidation, especially if they are completely new to the concepts of search engine optimization and attraction marketing. Fortunately, he has an ability to break down concepts so that his students can grasp everything immediately. His ability to connect to people right away has a lot to do with his boyish personality as well as the wisdom and insight of an old soul.

Ferny has come a long way from the days of presenting the plan in his living room and dealing with a downline that just couldn’t stay motivated long enough to flourish. Now he speaks at seminars and hosts events like the No Excuses Summit thanks to the strong connections and relationships he has built with the greatest minds in the industry.

His creativity is not limited to Internet marketing, however, as he has been known to pluck a few tunes on his guitar. He is a man with strong family values as you will soon see when you meet his brother, Ramiro, who is also heavily involved in SEO Networker and No Excuses events.