Didi Alcheva

Didi Alcheva

Social Media Marketing Whiz

Didi AlchevaDidi Alcheva is a social media specialist and product launch consultant who works directly with her clients to help them build a profitable online presence. When you have a product or service and that you are preparing to launch and you want to make sure it reaches as many people as possible, Didi is your go-to entrepreneur for putting together the best campaign possible. In fact, her attraction marketing expertise was a huge part of the success of Ann Sieg’s Renegade Professional as well as Renegade University.

Didi is a relatable instructor. When she teaches, you can’t help but be captivated by every word she shares because you feel you are speaking with a friend who is in tune with the universe and with your needs. She speaks a lot about becoming conscious human beings because it helps people better connect to each other and really serve each other. She has many lessons to offer so that you have a better grasp on how you will attract the right kind of people to your business and create a harmonious experience with your work.

She encourages people to have “energy of gratitude” and invites them to connect to these ideas via her Facebook page and her personal blog where she has brief videos available for you to watch and do some quick learning of her favorite methods. Each video is almost like a little piece of personal development that you can enjoy for free.

Besides Ann Sieg, Didi has also worked closely with Mark Hoverson and Mike Klingler during their own preparations for product launches. She is a highly-trusted and highly-regarded individual in attraction marketing who will show you how to best leverage the most popular social media outlets.