David Wood

David Wood

Crazy Haired MLM Guy

David WoodWith a story strikingly similar to that of Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, David Wood was a college dropout living with his wife, Ashley, out of their green 1996 Dodge Caravan on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii with less than $35 in his bank account in 2009.

That same year was when he got involved in network marketing and in a short time he began earning thousands of dollars, plucking him right out of that major desperation that many people face when they have suffered too long without a proper income. Before he knew it, he had more than enough reasons and resources to travel the world for both business and pleasure.

Currently, he lives and works from Costa Rica in a beautiful home, all thanks to his career in coaching business people around the world. He is not afraid to talk about where he came from because he knows that there are so many others who can relate to his story and who want to see for themselves that they can truly achieve exactly what they set out to do.

His first 12 months online, he personally enrolled more than 1536 people into the largest attraction marketing system online and sponsored more than 500 people in his primary business.

Though he has grown a lot thanks to what he has learned from the industry, he still has some of the same spirit he had as a kid when he was very reluctant to accept the norm. He often challenged the institutions that make everyone believe that the only way to succeed in life is to get an education and go from there. He saw how his father still struggled, even with a college degree, to support his family, and he knew that there was a way to still provide for family while living the life of his dreams.