Dan McCormick

Dan McCormick

Illuminating the Path to Riches

Dan McCormickThe road to riches for Dan McCormick was, and is, paved with principles.

His journey began at the age of nineteen as a young man focused on building a secure financial future. Armed with only his personal convictions and an intense desire to improve his chances of success, Dan was determined to beat the odds.

Having grown up in a humble, single parent home and facing a world where a college degree was the ticket required for financial success, Dan McCormick took the road less traveled.

A self-made millionaire at the age of twenty-two, just three years after he took his first step into the direct sales industry, Dan had traveled farther and faster in life than most of his peers. People had become his focus, not for what he could take from them, but for what he could give to them.

Dan learned to listen to the experts, to those who knew more than he did in his industry. He discovered that helping other people reach their financial and personal goals is what propelled him forward towards his own. With an unbridled enthusiasm, he has built a business that have generated over a billion dollars in world wide sales.

Where does his drive come from? How does he stay motivated and focused on the road ahead? What maps does he use to navigate the seemingly endless dead ends and detours in life that can take a person off course?

Now a twenty-six year legend in direct sales, Dan McCormick answers these questions for tens of thousands of people who participate in his Millionaire Training Circle.

His mission: To inspire individuals to align their lives with purpose, responsibility, vision, and principles of greatness.

These principles are not secrets, they are evident in the lives of great men and women who have shaped our country, have unraveled the mysteries of science and nature, have led our soldiers in battle, have created priceless works of art and have proven that what may seem impossible now, may only be so for a short time.

Having recently published a book that teaches how to become rich in all areas of life, Dan shares the principles of success that have withstood the test of time and have enabled him and his wife Marilyn, together with his four daughters, to live a life filled with not only prosperity, but of lasting happiness. A powerful speaker and motivator, an educator for personal development, a philanthropist and a highly respected expert in his field, Dan McCormick is a man worth listening to.