Daegan Smith

Daegan Smith

King of Never Calling a Single Lead

Daegan Smith actually started out his path towards financial freedom through real estate. He had purchased an apartment building, which he still owns til this day. The problem was there was a lot of work still needed to maintain that building, there was no freedom and owning that building was like having another job.

It wasn’t until he went to a seminar that his life was altered forever. Daegan Smith remembers a guy coming on to the stage talking about internet marketing. He didn’t even know it was even possible to make money online.

That experience really opened up Daegan’s eyes to the world of possibilites that the internet possessed. He immediately started investigating and found network marketing. There was this guy who was making a great living online who was selling a how to course. Daegan jumped on the opportunity, purchased the course and called up the guy to join his team.

Once Daegan Smith was in the team his sponsor instructed him to buy a bunch of leads and call them up. It wasn’t long before he was spending $5,000 per month on leads that he didn’t have. Even though he wasn’t getting any success at all, he kept doing it month after month because he was really striving for success.

Finally he got one phone call that really changed his life. It was some guy who told him in the meanest tones to never call him again and to go get a real job. This call was life changing because he thought if he did get someone on his team would they go through the same process he did to spend thousands of dollars on leads and get rejected on the phone hundreds of times before they recruit their first rep. He didn’t think so.

So Daegan Smith decided to find maximum-leverage where instead prospects can find him and chase him down. He finally figured out through education how to use the internet to prospect for him, follow up, and tell his offer. He placed a small ad in an online newsletter for under $100 and to his surprise like 12 people signed up for his business. This was amazing to him because he was spending thousands and not even signing up a soul.

From here Daegan kept increasing results, tracking what was working, teaching his team on what was working for him, and ultimately went on to make millions in the network marketing arena. Now Deagan is focused not so much on building down-lines but helping people succeed in life and accomplish what he has accomplished.