Crystal Curtis

Crystal Curtis

Creator of the First Impression Method

crystal curtisAs an Art History Professor and practicing artist in New York, I’m well versed in visual language that engages an audience’s imagination. I developed “The First Impression Method” for Facebook and Video Marketing, as well as live business networking, to help online entrepreneurs solve the biggest challenge on the internet: establishing trust and influencing buying decisions quickly.

The First Impression Method totally debunks the hype of “generating endless supplies of leads” online. You can get a lot more done and increase sales online with just 3-5 contacts per day.

What Is The First Impression Method?

Heard you never get a “second” first impression? Imagine how much easier it would be to build a profitable online business if your prospects became leads just to buy your stuff? The First Impression Method closes the gap between getting a lead and making a sale, because you can diffuse resistance, establish trust, cement your brand, and influence buying decisions in less than 30 seconds!

The First Impression Method is proven to increase sales online with the least resistance!

How Does The First Impression Method Increase Sales Online?

Display advertising turns heads with an attractive image. Video Marketing works with an introductory “hook.” The First Impression Method translates the best networking skills from offline — being curious in other people and asking productive questions — to walk your happy prospects hand through a sales process online. It’s fun, it establishes goodwill, it works! Increase sales online in 30 seconds!