Christopher Hussey

Christopher Hussey


christopher-husseyIn January of 2011, Christopher Hussey made a decision. After spending 20+ years as a professional dancer and master instructor, he dove into the online marketing world head first. In 2010, Christopher did 43 events in 19 countries around the world. Although recognized as one of the best speakers and instructors in his genre, New Years Eve brought a major revelation. The personal relationships with the people Christopher cared about were suffering. It was time for a new direction.

A friend introduced Christopher to MLM early in 2011. Within his first month, 18 days specifically, he gained nationwide attention by achieving the 4th level of the companies pay plan. A level that normally took greater than 90 days to achieve.. That achievement was marked by the ability and commitment to help others create success within their very first day of enrollment. While it seemed that Christopher had found his new direction, there was still a challenge. In order to achieve that level of success, he was spending the bulk of his time with prospects instead of his family and that was not the goal.

That was when it happened. A friend on Facebook suggested that Christopher purchase the DVDs from No Excuses Summit II. One long weekend of nothing but videos later and he decided to put 100% of his efforts into online marketing. Christopher immediately began to plug into leaders like Mike Dillard, David Wood, Ray Higdon, Rob Fore and others. In addition, he chose to focus his efforts on video marketing and helping others do the same.

Once online, Christopher chose a primary company and grew that team to over 2200 team members within 90 Most importantly, he did all without leaving his family. He has created and successfully released his first products and collaborated with other online leaders on multiple projects At present, Christopher has successfully created multiple online income streams and continues to help others do the same.