Chris & Josephine Gross

Chris & Josephine Gross

Co-founders of The Networking Times

Chris & Josephine GrossChris & Josephine Gross cofounded “Networking Times”, the leading publication for network marketing in the world. Available on newsstands across North America and the U.K., this educational journal focuses on helping professional networkers build the right skill set and mindset to be successful in their business.

Born and raised in Belgium, Josephine grew up speaking Flemish at home, and French in school. She later began to teach herself English from reading books and TV right up until she moved to the United States at the age of 21. Here in the U.S., Josephine attended Stanford University and went on to earn a Ph.D. in Languages.

“I know I’m a writer because writing is what makes me the happiest.” admits Josephine. “What I love most about my work are the amazing people that I meet and build relationships with all across the world.”

Today her career does not only consist of being a writer/editor. Josephine also finds joy in diligently serving others as an educator committed to helping networkers build the right mindset and skill set to be successful in their home business.

Josephine uses her opportunities for interviews to ask some of the most successful network marketing leaders exactly how they built their businesses so readers can shorten their learning curve and instantly benefit from the leader’s experience.

Having lived on 3 continents, Josephine is able to bring an international perspective to her writing that is truly unique to the network marketing industry. Plus, her “heart-centered listening approach” brings out what it is that makes networkers great.

When Chris speaks to an audience, he brings attention to how important it is for business builders to believe in themselves as they work in network marketing.

Chris and Josephine Gross are highly regarded by many of today’s top industry leaders as great ambassadors for network marketing and direct sales. They are listed as two of the 50 most influential people involved in the direct selling industry. Among the leaders whom they work closely with include Randy Gage, Art Jonak, Donna Johnson, Jordan Adler, Orrin Woodward and many others.