Brian & Rhonda Swan

Brian & Rhonda Swan

Swapped Business Suits for Bathing Suits

Brian SwanBrian and Rhonda Swan have been traveling the world for almost three years with their daughter Hanalei. Their Endless Summer Journey has taken them to countries all over the world, including Hawaii, Mexico, Nicaragua, Bali, Australia, Peru and Brazil- to name just a few! As top income earners, they have been able to ditch the corporate rat-race and live a luxury traveling lifestyle with their mobile business.

The Swans used to work in the corporate world earning six figure salaries back in San Diego. Rhonda was a sales executive for GlaxoSmithKline and Brian was an engineer. They had the homes, the car and the lifestyle that many people to, except there was one problem: inside they felt emotionally hollow. One day Rhonda assessed her life and decided that she couldn’t face putting her child through daycare. They quit their jobs and started a portable business in personal development, teaching people how to create wealth and live the lifestyle of their dreams.

Things haven’t been all roses for the Swan family though. As they began to buy and sell more properties they invested money in a golf course and property development, but the money disappeared and the golf course was never built, resulting in an expensive court battle. The Swans lost a lot of money, sold their homes and decided that they could either stay and rebuild their lives in San Diego, or pursue their dream to travel the world and let go of their material things. So they swapped their business suits for bathing suits to live a lifestyle by design.

When Brian’s father had found out that he was dying of AIDS, he decided to use the time that he had left to show Brian the world and to take him to countries across the globe. Now Brian is fulfilling his dream of surfing the best waves in the world and showing his own daughter different cultures and ways of life. Rhonda is enjoying watching her daughter grow up and being around her every day without having to put her child through daycare.

So many people these days work 9 to 5 jobs that they don’t even like just to look forward to their two-week holiday once a year. Rhonda and Brian now devote their time to showing other people that they can have the lifestyle that they aspire to.