Brian Fanale

Brian Fanale

Co-founder of My Lead System PRO (formerly MLM Lead System PRO)

Brian FanaleBrian Fanale is popularly known as the Internet Rockstar, partly due to the fact that he is a passionate musician. However, his fans are those whom he has helped to reach financial success through his mentoring and the resources he provides to people who need help seeing their businesses take off.

He graduated from college with a pre-med degree but then framed it and left it on his wall (he describes it as an “expensive piece of paper”). Later, he clearly allowed a flexible mindset to show him a totally new and different path for wealth. He knew early on that he would have to plan ahead even for the things that were not yet in his life, such as a wife, kids, and a mansion in which to live. He was motivated also by the desire to be in control of his time, income, and life. He was off to a rough start, but the learning experiences would later pay off for him as well as those who learned from him.

When he embraced personal development, that is when he finally began to see the changes in his life unfold. After years of hard work as a bartender and musician, he turned his savings into trips to seminars to be with those who were already in the mindset he so badly needed for himself. He had to push himself out of a frame that kept him stuck in a “$2,000 per year mindset.”

Soon, he was the top earner in his company and was generating leads that were coming to him directly, already prepared to join his organization. His success led him to become the co-creator of an attraction marketing system named My Lead System PRO (MLSP). MLSP is an online community that members can access from anywhere so they can immediately put training and strategies to use for their own businesses.