Brenda Gagne

Brenda Gagne

Action Taker, Big Heart and Top Earner

Brenda-GagneMy name is Brenda Gagne. I am an entrepreneur in free enterprise. I’m also a 35 year old who wears many different hats at many different times! I’ve had roles as a Gymnastics Coach, Teacher, Director, Leader, Wife and Mom to 3 little girls living in Tampa Florida. I’ve gone through so many different roles in my past, and all these adventurers have made me the person I am today, so here is a little bit about how I became to be the entrepreneur I am now.

I was an elite competitive gymnast most of my life. I learned that hard work, self confidence and determination were the only things that mattered if you wanted something bad enough. After hurting my shoulder and learning some tough life lesson about planning your life, I had to find something else that defined me.

I still had the self motivation, yet I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I worked my way through college coaching gymnastics, competing in fitness competitions and eventually became an elementary teacher. I taught for 4 years until I decided that the monotony of the structured day just wasn’t for me. I loved the kids, but needed more.

I became a program director for the YMCA and started up many programs. This was something I liked. I was in charge of 6 departments, all growing and doing well. I realized that I liked business…who knew!

By now I was married and we were going to have our first little girl. We did not want me to work full time and have to put the baby in daycare. So being the entrepreneur I am, I started up a preschool at the YMCA so she, and eventually the next 2, could come with me. I ran a packed school with waiting lists for all classrooms.

Yet once again, the school was running fine, my staff was awesome, and I felt that need for something more. I looked online for another challenge. This was when I was introduced to network marketing by a friend. I fell in love with the concept. I never wanted to work for someone else again. I loved running my own programs, but the chain of command above me, which had the final say, was something I wanted to get away from.

I’ve been doing network marketing for over 3 years now, and I’ve gone through all the ups and downs that most people go through. I showed my wonderful product to all my friends and family. Everyone loved it, and raved about what a neat idea it was, yet hardly anyone bought it. I went to networking meetings, expos and made some connections, but of course you rarely make the sale on the initial contact. So the follow up began, which I was told was very important. We all know “The Fortune is in the Follow Up”. However if no one answers their phone, no decent follow up can be made! I was completely in shock by the amount of people that told me to call at a specific time, and when I did, I got their voice mail. I didn’t get it. I thought it was me. I must be doing something wrong. Well in all reality I was, but I never figured it out until one Saturday night when I was on Facebook.

I found a link that changed everything for me. I found the exact blueprint that the top earners in network marketing use online. I never looked back. I opted in that night. I got my marketing system set up, I devoured the many hours of training and did what they showed me to do. Then things started to change for me. This was the missing piece I’d been looking for all these years. I knew there was a better way, I just wasn’t sure what it was.

Now people call or email ME everyday. I don’t make follow up calls that end in a message, because the leads are calling me now. What a difference that makes! My entire attitude changed. My goal now is to spread the word to all those struggling business owners. I’m one of the top producers in my company and I’m here to tell you… There IS a better way to build your business, and I can show you how.

I’m a genuine, friendly, and honest person. I’m not fluffy or a scammer, and I’ve been told I’m very direct (hey no time for wasted words, I’ve got work to do!) I’m busy at home with my 3 girls ages 4, 5 and 8, and I’m here to help those online business owners learn from my mistakes so they don’t have to waste time doing what doesn’t work.