Bill Pescosolido

Bill Pescosolido

From Corporate Jobber to #1 Top Recruiter

billDuring his 16 years in Corporate America, Bill was laid off twice, fired once, and was constantly under the threat of his job being down-sized or dissolved. He thought there had to be something else other than another 25 years of living the rat race. There had to be another way. He just didn’t know what that was.

Thanks to his wife Michelle, he was introduced to the world of network marketing. Bill quickly harnessed his previous Corporate America sales skills, put the blinders on and went to work.

While stumbling quite a bit at first by having to make the adjustment from negotiating $500,000 energy contracts to recruiting people into his primary at a $500 buy in, Bill honed his skills, found his “voice”, and soon became the #1 recruiter out of 40,000 distributors world wide.

Over 2,000 prospecting calls later Bill has become the “Go To” guy when it comes to talking to prospects on the phone, controlling the conversation, and recruiting people into your business.

Bill is an acknowledged leader and trainer in the industry speaking at events such as Live The Dream 3 event as well as many of his primary company events.